About Me

Hey it’s me, Edwin!

I’m a 30-something year old dude who somehow fell ass backwards and landed a beautiful wife, an amazing daughter and a six figure income as a full time blogger.

But it wasn't always like that.

4 years ago, I was flat broke. I had no job, no career and now had a family to support.

Pressure much?!

My blogging journey

2016: In the beginning...

I was looking for a way to make money online so I could stay at home and help raise my daughter. Blogging seemed like the perfect solution, so I dove right in.

Before I was ready or knew wtf I was doing, I started my first blog (personal finance niche) in 2016.

Let me tell you, it was scary!

I took my entire life savings (it wasn’t much!), sold all my belongings (became a minimalist) and moved to an affordable house (cut mortgage payment in half).

In short, I made sacrifices to buy me the time I needed to make this blogging thing work.

Here's the thing though. My blog was a total failure. I made a grand total of $0 for the year (yes the entire YEAR).

What did I do wrong in 2016? In short, I did everything wrong.

2017: Oh that's how it works!

Mistake #1: I wrote a lot of content

I read that to be successful blogging you need to publish 3 posts a week on a schedule. So I became a content writing machine. The problem was nobody was reading what I had to say.


I changed my blogging schedule to one post per month. But this time, everything I wrote caught fire!

MISTAKE #2: I promoted my blog posts on social media

I read that social media was a great source of traffic. So I posted links to my blog posts all over Facebook and Twitter, over and over again. The results? What results? That "strategy" went nowhere quick.

SOLUTION: Focused my marketing energy on Pinterest instead

I laser focused on Pinterest. You know, that site that's designed to send bloggers boatloads of traffic?

MISTAKE #3: I put ads all over my blog

Build a blog, splash big ads everywhere and... become a millionaire overnight right? Nope, I was trying to make a "cold sale" with banner ads which is pretty much impossible.

SOLUTION: removed ads and focused on building an audience

I stopped trying to make a quick buck and instead started to build a tribe of loyal followers. This would be the key to my success.

By the end of 2017 I was making $3,000 a month with affiliate marketing.

2018: The big breakthrough

2018 was the year everything changed. I realized that my blog was not the place to share my thoughts, but rather where I provide value and help improve people's lives.

Rather than sell sell sell, I switched to providing real value and actually helping people. This made me an authority in the personal finance niche and earned me the loyalty from my readers I needed to take my blogging biz to the next level.

The big breakthrough came when I began to sell my own products to my audience (printables, ebooks and courses).

It was the idea of becoming a problem-solver that led to me tripling my income from the previous year. By the end of 2018 I was making $9,000 per month!

2019: Discovering my true passion

After finding the right "formula", I was able to duplicate my success with a second blog, and then a third!

I was making more money than ever but was also working way too hard. I had a mean case of blogger burnout. It took a while, but I finally nailed the reason why.

I wasn't pursuing my passion.

See, I started blogging with the sole purpose of making money. I chose a profitable blog niche and found a way to get traffic + make money. But I still felt a bit, I don't know, empty inside I guess.

I took a step back to discover what my real passion was. It wasn't helping people save money, but rather helping people make money.

In 2019 I launched sixfigurebloggers.com to help people side hustle their way to financial freedom.

Later in the year I launched the Launch Your Blog course, where I share my step by step system for building a successful blog from scratch.

2020 and beyond?

What's next in 2020 and beyond?

I plan to sell most of my blogs and focus 100% on sixfigurebloggers.com. What can I say, I've found my true calling. The sky's the limit now! ?

Where it all goes down

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